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Eternal Fan® understands that FANS are essential to sports. Without the FANS we would have empty venues, and the sporting world would cease to exist. Fans love their teams, players and venues to great lengths. The love of sports binds FANS together and makes us who we are. Even beyond the team itself, Fans have a deep emotional connection with the venue, where they have enjoyed the achievements of their team.

Eternal Fan helps ensure that every fan has the chance to be remembered at a place that has provided them such cherished, happy memories. What if a loyal, lifelong fan can have the opportunity to continue with the team and friends beyond their lifetime? What if they could be eternally part of a special fan area? This is much more than a name on a wall. Rather this is a complete memorial experience, where families and friends gather to share memories and build on the tradition for generations to come. Eternal Fan® is the building of a true legacy that touches the hearts of the most passionate fans and creates a unique opportunity to celebrate the FAN.

Eternal Fan advises and consults with with venues and teams to create this memorial experience, primarily by advising on how venues and teams can take advantage of self-storage facilities for keepsakes and other memorials items for fans. Eternal Fan is the unseen partner that works with the sports brand to provide fans this experience and the brand with a substantial revenue stream for years to come. Eternal Fan brings a suite of services which can be customized for a unique fan experience with every sports brand and venue. Each one is a blank canvas to be custom tailored for the team and venue. The pricing, design and revenue opportunities are determined by the team or venue with our consulting and industry experience.

Eternal Fan is the ultimate innovation for FAN retention! We look forward to taking this next great step with you and your prestigious brand.

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